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About Us

We are parents of three scouts (Richard, James, and Jessica), pack leaders (Den leaders, committee chair, secretary, scout mom, quartermaster, Owl), and are passionate about getting kids, youth, and students outdoors and making meaningful connections with the natural world.

A few years ago as a den leader, our big vision was to award each new Webelos scout a complete kit that included everything they needed to get started and at the same time help more kids be prepared for to make meaningful connections to the natural world while participating in outdoor adventures instead of indoor screens.

We would be at the Blue and Gold or our Graduation, and each new scout would be presented their kit by an older scout from the troop.  Then at the earliest opportunity, these new scouts or Webelos complete with a kit on their backs, with their den chief or troop guide would go on a campout or outdoor adventure.  Their parents secure in the knowledge that they were prepared.  These kids would now have the basic equipment to explore the outdoors, to make deep and meaningful connections.

Looking around to implement this vision in a cost effective way, I couldn't find a kit without building one ourselves.  So that is what we did.  

Traditionally outdoor gear is purchased piece by piece across different brands with quality gear cost a fortune (over $900 from our research).  This piecemeal approach leads to parents overpaying, less fortunate students being left out and uninformed students showing up with a bulky cotton sleeping bag in their arms instead of fitting perfectly within their packs. was started to solve two problems ensure every kid has an opportunity to experience to make meaningful connections in the natural world without regard to income and to relieve the anxiety parents experience when confronted with a packing list.  We provide gear and grants by building a complete, quality and cost effective (compared to more than $900 at national outdoor retailers) bundle of essential outdoor gear (Only what you need).  The Youth Adventure Kit is your student's travel gear toolbox and your program's custom kit.  All they need to do now is, figure out where they're going to go next.

In 2016 we provided more than 30 Youth Adventure Kits free of charge, to help kids around the country get outdoors and explore our world.  By 2027 we will help more than 10 Million Youth, make meaningful connections to the natural world that facilitate internal growth and environmental awareness.

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