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10 Million Youth by 2027

by Richard White II March 22, 2017

What are we here for?  

That's a great question.  We build kits for youth. So what.  What are you here for? We make really great kits for youth.  SO WHAT. What are you here for? We built a kit that includes everything, a student, scout, trailman, participant, leader or parent would ask for when heading into the natural world.  SO WHAT.  What are we here for?
We are here to help 10 Million youth make meaningful connections to the natural world that facilitate internal growth and environmental awareness, by 2027.
But WHY, because every child/youth should:
  • Know the sense of accomplishment that is created in the natural world
  • Have time for deep reflection by the light of the campfire
  • Forge bonds of friendship during shared challenges that can't be simulated
  • Face that moment of personal resolve before a mountain summit
  • Have the opportunity to grow in a way only a connection with the natural world can facilitate prompt
  • Know the activity and stillness of the natural world
  • See a night sky
We will do this through sales, partnerships, sponsorships, and scholarships to, with and for like-minded programs and groups.
  • Sales of customized and standard bundles of essential gear
  • Partnerships with programs to provide YAKs and gear to participants in need
  • Sponsorships of events that support youth getting outdoors
  • Scholarships for:
    • Students to attend programs
    • Growing New Leaders 
So if your program works with youth then we want to work with you.
HMWOutdoors is an innovative outdoor gear and apparel company focused on equipping youth for amazing, life-course altering experiences in the natural world. We customize high-quality gear bundles for your program and participants.
You can find out more by visiting our site @
When we speak I would love to learn more about how we can work together.

Richard White II
Richard White II


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