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Thanks Dad: For Everything

by Andrew Wilson June 18, 2017 1 Comment

I know how much time you have sacrificed to make me feel important.  From an early age, you were always active in my life.  I want you to know today just how grateful I am for your presence and efforts in all my endeavors.  Countless baseball games, basketball practices, school projects, golf trips, and choir rehearsals.  You taught me how to approach this world with grace and humility, curiosity and bravery.  You taught me that giving up was the only possible way to fail.  And so, by your example, I pressed on.  Every time I fell, you were there to pick me up or let me learn to get up on my own.  You taught me how to drag bunt, switch hit, and block the plate.  You taught me how to accept a compliment, stay humble in victory, and congratulate an opponent in defeat.  You taught me so many things as I grew up, but I learned the most just by watching you.  I knew early on that if I could be like you everything would work out.  It always has.  

Thanks for reminding me where I come from.  Thanks for telling me stories about football and tobacco barns, The Big Red Machine, and The Kentucky Wildcats.  Thanks for taking me to see the pros play in Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit and for never missing one of my own games, home or away.  Thanks for teaching me how to catch a fish, tie a knot, change a flat, build a fire, and be prepared.  Thanks for taking me with you: to the farm, to the course, the museums, and the plays.  Thanks for listening to me when I had something to say.  Thanks for the advice whether I asked for it or not.  

Thanks for teaching me about respecting those who came before me, my elders and those who sacrificed their lives so I could live a free and peaceful life.  Thanks for telling me stories about my Grandfather and what he meant to you.  Thanks for listening to him and for passing down what you learned from him to me.  Thanks for all that you do for your family.  Thanks for being selfless and always willing to lend a hand.  Thanks for everything, Dad.  Today, tomorrow and always.  


Happy Father’s Day.  

Andrew Wilson

Client Coordinator





Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson


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Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson

June 18, 2017

And a fine Son he is! Thanks for the thoughts.

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