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How to Sleep Warmer While Camping This Winter

by Richard White II December 04, 2017 1 Comment

Although you're not likely to get cold at night with our 25degree sleeping bag and system, here are a few tips and tricks to push further into the winter without losing any sleep.

1) Insulate inside. Add a sleeping bag liner to your bag, this (silk, synthetic, or wool) can add 5 to 25 degrees of warmth.

2) Insulate below. In addition to the heat reflecting form pad included with every sleep system kit, adding an inflatable pad will get you higher off the cold ground, and layer foam on top to keep body heat close.

3) Stay dry. Lay raingear (poncho) over your bag to shield it from frozen condensation. Avoid exhaling inside your coccoon—moist breath will leave it damp.

4) Shake it out. Clumpy insulation leaves cold spots. Let your bag fluff out a half hour before bed. Once in, shake your legs to evenly redistribute insulation.

5) Eat, eat, eat. Down a chocolate bar (and a hot beverage) before snuggling up; digesting carbohydrates and fats raises body temperature 30 minutes to an hour after consumption.

6) Maintain circulation. Warm body and cold toes? Remove tight socks or leggings to keep the blood flowing. Instead, wear loose clothing or—if you must—go bare.

7) Make a space heater. Fill a non-insulated bottle with boiling water, seal tightly, encase in a sock, and place in the bottom of your bag to keep feet warm.

8) Fill in gaps. Minimize the space you need to heat. Bag too long? Stuff the end with extra layers.

9) Exercise. Do sit-ups to warm up your bag pre-shut-eye. Add more reps whenever you get chilly.

10) Still cold? Insulate by piling dry leaves or pine branches under your tent. 

Do you have any tip?  Let us know.

Richard White II
Richard White II


1 Response

William Garmoe
William Garmoe

August 27, 2018

An additional tip: Before climbing into your bag, change out of the clothes you wore during the day – they have moisture from your sweating and may cause you to feel colder at night. Put on fresh clothes (if you wear anything), and don’t wear too much in the sleeping bag. It will make you sweat and you’ll actually get colder.

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