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Youth Adventure Kit Sleeper (Sleeper)

HMW Outdoors

Based on your feedback we developed the Youth Adventure Kit - Sleeper (YAKs).  

For those parents anxious about the comprehensive array of outdoor essentials found in our Flagship YAK, and thinking about what are the absolute, basic items a student should have, we created the YAKs.   The YAKs is the core of the wildly popular Flagship YAK. We listened and included the York 70 and the 25° F Celeste 1000 Sleeping System.  With the York70 and

Celeste 1000 Sleeping System, your student will have a pack for carrying gear and a comfortably warm sleeping bag/pad to sleep in and on.  

The YAK Sleeper includes:

  • The York 70 multi-day long haul carrier
  • 25° F Celeste 1000 Sleeping system
    • The Toasty 25° F Celeste 1000 Sleeping Bag
    • A Compressible Camp Pillow
    • A Closed cell foam heat reflecting sleeping pad


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