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(1.0 YAK) Youth Adventure Kit - Proposed for Trail Life USA

HMW Outdoors

  • The YAK makes shopping for student backpacking gear EASY.  The YAK includes more than 20 different items in a single kit, to reduce your time shopping.  Each item has been selected for its form and function, to ensure your student is prepared.  The YAK include 9 of the 10 Essential Systems (at this time we don't include food), Camping toiletries so there is no need to raid the household bathroom, a unique 70L long haul pack, that your student won't outgrow, and an integrated sleeping system with a 25° sleeping bag, sleeping pad and camp pillow (all included).  Outfitting your student is now easy.  We spent a lot of time taking the guesswork out of planning. As parents ourselves we want to make sure they are warm, dry, comfortable, protected, challenged and happy. This is what the Youth Adventure Kit does.

    • NKJV Bible
    • 70L Backpacking Pack, fully adjustable from 5th grade through High School
    • 25° Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, and Pillow
    • 9 of the 10 Essentials
    • Complete individual First Aid Kit
    • Multiple fire starters
    • Mess Kit
    • Checkers and Chess set
    • Sunscreen
    • Everything except clothing (just give us some time)

Introducing the
Youth Adventure Kit

The YAK includes everything needed to get started.

Go here for the YAK Story (careful this is the long description)

When we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. In building this kit we consulted Outdoor wilderness camps, TLUSA, BSA, GSA, USA, USMC, high school outdoor education planners, BSA camp directors, outdoor experts, avid hikers, and campers, through hikers and day hikers, moms and dads.

The YAK is purpose-built for youth of grades 5th through 12.  Take only what you need for the trip requirements.

For example:

  • The XL microfiber beach towel is best for camp situations when swimming is likely, on an overnighter its extra weight.
  • If it's a day hike, then only the Essentials are necessary in a backpack already on hand or in our soon to be announced YORK 35.
  • For backpacking, from the Mess Kit a student might decide to only take the bowl and spoon, leaving the plate and using the pocket sharp tool (for the FB censor) for double duty.

The point is the YAK is a toolbox, as they mature and prepare for different adventures, their YAK will be ready to support them.

We believe so much in this kit that our own children use it when they are out adventuring.

The HMWOutdoors Youth Adventure Kit (YAK) for you Is BUILT AROUND 4 KEY COMPONENT KITS

  • The Essentials
    • NKJV Bible
    • Navigation - Map Compass with Magnifying Glass
    • SPF30 Sunscreen
    • An Emergency Space Blanket
    • Ultra-bright 1 Watt LED Headlamp
    • Individual First Aid Kit
    • Magnesium fire starter stick
    • Pocket folding blade / Duct Tape
    • 1000ml BPA Free Water Bottle
    • Waterproof Ripstop-nylon Emergency Poncho/Ground Cloth/Improvised Shelter
    • Tri Decibel Whistle
    • 50' Paracord
  • The Sleep System
    • 25° F Synthetic Sleeping Bag and compression sack
    • Camp Pillow
    • Closed cell accordion Sleeping Pad with heat reflective coating
  • The York 70
    • 70L Backpack that grows with its owner.
    • From 5th grade through High School
    • Torso adjust from 14" through 21"
    • Includes:
      • Hydration bladder pocket
      • Rain Cover
      • Secret Pocket
      • Dedicated Sleeping Bag Pocket with through access
      • Detachable top/Day Hike Lumbar Pack
      • Plenty of loops for carabiners 
      • External Sleeping pad tie down straps
  • Hygiene and Toiletries
    • Mess kit (Plate, bowl, cup, sharp tool, fork, spoon)
    • Travel size Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • Insect repellent
    • Chapstick
    • 2oz Campsuds Biodegradable Soap
    • 1oz Hand Sanitizer
    • Kleenex
    • Comb
    • Towel - Wash (S)
    • Towel - Bath (M)
    • Towel - Beach Towel (XL)
    • 2 - 5L Dry Bag
    • 2 - 15L Dry Bag
    • Camp Games (Checkers, Chess Backgammon) 
Based on the above inventory what's missing?



Our gear will:

  • Keep them warm and toasty on those nights away, with our 25°F Sleeping Bag
  • Keep them dry during a downpour, with our multi-function waterproof ripstop nylon Poncho
  • Keep them comfortable on long treks, with our well fitting York 70L Backpack
  • Keep them protected after cuts, scrapes and scratches, with our well stocked individual first aid kit
  • Keep them occupied during the lulls, with a travel checkers/chess set
  • Keep their path bright, with our ultra-bright 1 Watt water resistant LED headlamp
  • Keep their bodies strong, with our durable mess kit.
  • Keep their teeth clean, with our included travel toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Keep their bellies full, with our available cooking stove and pots.

    If you aren't satisfied with your purchase let us know and we will make it right.

    Get your YAK today.