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1 Watt LED Headlamp

HMW Outdoor

Meet the headlight that can do it all. It's superbright, lightweight, , dimmable and delivers multiple modes for effective illumination while hiking, climbing, skiing or embarking on your next adventure.

Offering convenient power options, this sleek, low-profile lamp lights your path with up to 100 lumens.

  • Equipped with 1 high-power LED and 2 red LEDs for amazing brightness and total lighting versatility
  • High-quality lens tunes the light output and shape of the beam to make the Spot ideal for running, skiing, climbing, hiking, paddling and route finding in the dark
  • Use the high-power LED for maximum light output of 100 lumens; the white and red LEDs use less battery power and are ideal for use around camp
  • Innovative dimmer switch lets you choose the light output needed with a simple tap of the finger on the touch-sensitive housing; output adjusts from low lumens up to 100 lumens
  • Red LEDs help preserve your night vision
  • Strobe settings can be used to signal in the mountains or increase your chance of being seen while walking or biking around town
  • 3 AAA batteries provide up to 50 hrs. of use with the high-output LED on high and 200 hrs. with it on low
  • Streamlined design sets the beam at an efficient illumination angle; ratcheting swivel head aims light where you need it
  • IPX4 water-resistance protects against splashing or sprayed water from any angle
  • Fits securely around your head with an adjustable elastic band that won't pull hair