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Waterproof Fire Starter

HMW Outdoor

Our durable waterproof FireStrike produces a 5,500°F spark for building a fire in any weather, at any altitude.

  • More reliable than a lighter because moisture and pressure don't affect performance
  • Produces 5,500°F sparks that light stoves quickly
  • Lasts for 3,000 to 12,000 strikes—far more than average lighters

When in need of warmth, heat to cook, or a place to roast marshmallows a roaring fire (in a designated area) is where memories are created.

Before building a fire you'll need a few items to start with:
1. Tinder: build a nice birds nest structure using bed of dry pine needles, thin shavings, dryer lint, etc. If you have a cotton ball spread with vaseline even better. Get approx a baseball caps worth.
2. Kendling: These are pinky finger sized pieces of dry wood. Get approximately 2 large hand fulls
3. Fuel: These are thumb, through wrist sized pieces of wood. Get a lot.
4. Patience: if this is your first few times attempting this or if it is raining, you are in high altitude then you are really going to need a lot of this.

To get your fire going:

1. Build a nice birds nest out of tinder, a bed of dry pine needles, with a pulled out vaseline covered cotton ball (is better than a match) With your fint/steel:

2. Stack your kindling in a log cabin around your birds nest.

3. Start a stack of fuel around the kendle cabin.

4. Kneel in front of your pyrotechnic creation with the tinder bundle in front of you.

5. Hold the steel in one hand between your thumb and index finger.

6. Grasping the edge of the green striker scrape with a strong quick motion along the length of the rod in a downward. Use deliberate, powerful strokes, directing the sparks toward the tinder birds nest bundle. You want to aim your sparks into the bird's nest hitting the cotton ball.

7. When you see a spark fall into the tinder hitting the cotton ball, immediately give a light puff of air onto the tinder bundle. If the spark has begun to ignite the tinder, a small wisp of smoke will be present, and you should see a tiny glow in the bundle. Continue to gentle blow the tinder into flame. If the tinder does not catch, continue striking sparks. In bright and sunny conditions, place the tinder bundle in the shade or position yourself so that you cast a shadow over the tinder. That way you can see where the sparks are falling and whether the tinder is beginning to burn.

To build your campfire memories our starter will not let you down.