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Why you need a YAK?

Gear list from camps and adventure programs are complicated and full of anxiety.   Now imagine you purchased a YAK all that anxiety and and complexity is gone.  The YAK eliminates all of the anxiety of assembling high quality gear found on most packing list for.  Your time is valuable. 

Sure with your packing list in hand you could:

  • Go from store to store.
  • Compare dozens of sleeping bags
  • Try another dozen backpacks
  • Compare pocket knives
  • Get nickeled and dimed on towels
  • Go to another few stores
  • Call around to a few more
  • Settle on the 25 items individual you will get
  • Speak with a dozen store people
  • Pay for parking
  • .......

Or you can get the YAK and skip all of that.