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What is in the YAK?

The YAK is 4 components working together to ensure enjoyment and safety. 

  • The YORK 70
  • The Essential
  • The Camper
  • The Sleeper

The York 70 is our custom 70L long haul pack adjust as your student grows.  With its 70L capacity your student or participants will be ready for a weekend or weeks long trip.

The Essentials are the core items everyone needs when heading out on any outdoor activity.  They cover all of the basic needs to stay safe.  The essential items included in the YAK are:

  • Pocket Knife
  • 1 Watt Blindingly Bright Headlamp
  • 1L Water Bottle
  • Super waterproof ripstop nylon poncho 
  • Wet/Dry Ferrous rod 1000 strike Fire Starter
  • Map Compass, with back fire starting magnifying glass
  • The best lightweight individual First Aid Kit you can find
  • Tri-decible ultra lite emergency whistle
  • ultra lite Emergency Insulating Mylar Space Blanket* 

The Camper, while the YORK 70 and Essentials will make sure you get to camp safely, the Camper rounds out the basic equipment needed while in camp. The Camper will ensure their clothes and valuables stay dry in the canoe, their bellies are full, they are dry on the way back from that mountain lake. The YAK 1.0 is for youth participating in programs that already include tents and the ability to prepare food.  The Camper includes:

  • 2x 15L Dry Bags to keep your clothing and valuables dry
  • 3x microfiber towels (Beach, Bath, Wash)
  • GSI Mess Kit with Plate, Bowl, Mug and eating utensils
  • Hand sanitizer
  • SPF30 Sunscreen
  • Travel Toothpaste/Toothbrush
  • Campsuds Biodegradable liquid soap
  • Travel Checkers/Chess Set

The Sleeper includes the Celeste 1000 Sleep System combines the Celeste 1000 25° sleeping bag, camp pillow and heat reflecting foam closed cell sleeping pad.  Everything to stay warm. With a relaxed mummy fit, this 3-season synthetic sleeping bag offers excellent compressibility, warmth and value.