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Welcome to HMWOutdoors Outdoor Educator

HMWOutdoors is your partner.  We know the frustration as leaders when participants are not prepared.  Their lack of preparedness can significantly impact the view of your program, through no fault of your own.  HMWOutdoors builds bundles of essential gear for programs to ensure that their participants are prepared so they can enjoy your program and not struggle poor gear choices.

Our core kit is the Youth Adventure Kit known as the YAK.  The YAK is for students grades 5th through 12th, and includes all of the essential gear mentioned in the below packing list.

The Youth Adventure Kit is designed to grow with a student or scout from middle school through high school.  

The YAK is built around 4 Key components.

HMWOutdoors can customize the YAK for configurations outside our current offering.  Some custom configurations require a minimum quantity to be ordered.

Contact us to learn more.

Based on feedback we have limited number of YAKs available for evaluation by your program.  These kits are limited to one per program with the fee being applied to your first order.

We have group packages of 10, 25, 100 and 200.  For quantities greater than 200 please contact us.

Contact us to arrange a call where we can discuss your needs.