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Welcome Frost Valley Campers

HMWOutdoors is your

Adventure Camp Outfitter

  • Imagine the feeling of satisfaction when all the gear you need is in one convenient kit
  • Imagine the level of growth you'll see in your camper when they come home after camp.
  • Imagine hearing yourself say, you're finished shopping
  • Imagine all the time you will have saved not going from store to store getting camping gear
  • Imagine your camper warm and toasty in their sleeping bag

Introducing the the Frost Valley Adventure Camp

Youth Adventure Kit by HMWOutdoors




The HMWOutdoors Youth Adventure Kit (YAK) is your complete kit for Frost Valley Adventure Camps.  HMWOutdoors in partnership with Frost Valley has customized the YAK to follow closely with the camp supplied packing list. 

The YAKhas all the essential gear required and recommended by your Frost Valley packing list, ensuring your camper is prepared. 

The Frost Valley/YAK includes:

  • The YORK 70L, a long haul multi-day carrier that grows with your camper from middle school through to college
  • The Essentials, with 9 of the 10 essential systems necessary to stay safe in the outdoors
  • The Camping Essentials, has everything your camper needs to stay clean, dry and healthy
  • Lastly, the Toasty Celestie Sleeping System, that includes our 25° F Celestie sleeping bag, a closed cell sleeping pad and camp pillow
  • The Frost Valley YAK also includes
    • An additional water bottle
    • Bandanna
    • SPF Lip Balm
    • Insect repellant

You have enough to do, once you get the Frost Valley Youth Adventure Kit you're done.  

At the end of the summer when we read your feedback we'll know the YAK did it's job:

  • The YAK carried all of your camper's gear and supplies.
  • The YAK kept your camper safe and prepared
  • THE YAK ensured they enjoyed their Frost Valley Adventure

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