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The HMWOutdoors Field Tester Program

The HMWOutdoors Field Tester Program

Our mission within the HMWOutdoors Field Test team is:

Achieve a "Best in Class" Fit and Function Field Test program by which HMWOutdoors' gear and equipment is determined to be the, best performing product in the marketplace and with our end users.

This crucial program collectively engages HMWOutdoors designers, product managers, manufacturing associates and you - our consumers - throughout the product development process. The Field Test Program requires the testing of products under real life conditions. We believe that subjecting our product line to rigorous field testing ensures that all of our products perform at their peak—so you can too.

To see if the HMWOutdoors Field Test program is right for you, please complete the below form, and tell us:

  1. Why you should be selected as a tester
  2. How you would test your YAK
  3. Where you would test your YAK

If selected you will receive a one time use offer code to receive a YAK for $0.00 and further instructions.  

Thank you again for your interest in this vital program.