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We are parents focused on providing quality, cost conscious and overwhelming value as you outfit your scout or backpacker.  That is why we developed the Youth Adventure Kit or as I like to call it THE YAK.

THE YAK includes everything, and we mean EVERYTHING a new scout or backpacker will need to get started. (If you need a tent and stove, we have that too.)

We want you to make one good choice instead of having to make more than 25 individual choices.

We also have YAK INSURE our insurance plan to protect THE YAK like no other. When you join YAK INSURE, we will replace any item that is lost.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Now to be clear the 70L York Super Pack and the 25 degree sleeping bag have a small deductible of $35, but beyond that we will replace anything in the kit at no additional charge, because with YAK INSURE you are covered. 

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