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2017 NAIS Conference

HMWOutdoors customizes Outdoor/Experiential Education Kit bundles for the needs of your students.

When you partner with HMWOutdoors, together we ensure your students are prepared.


Visit the HMWOutdoors booth in the Expo Hall for more information and to get an up close look at a YAK.

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HMWOutdoors is your Outdoor/Experiential Education Partner.  We partner with your school to build a custom bundle of essential outdoor gear ensuring your students are prepared (no more cotton sleeping bags).  Our principal offering is the Youth Adventure Kit (YAK).  The YAK has all the gear a leader would specify on a packing list for a student to bring on a multi-day outdoor education trip in one convenient kit (everything pictured above).

We customize your gear bundle to meet your program's needs.  Visit our booth in the Expo Hall to learn more about how we can ensure your participants are prepared and to partner with HMWOutdoors.  

The YAK can be fully customized for the requirements of your program. Please take few moments to explore our site and see how the YAK components will increase your confidence that students are prepared, while reducing parental anxiety around getting everything on the packing list.  The YAK's value is in including everything needed for an outdoor adventure in one convenient, time and money saving, quality kit.

Were you to assemble the same kit with an National or Regional Outdoor retailer it would cost significantly more time and money. We have taken care of that for you..

Ask a question, learn more or to partner with HMWOutdoors use the form below.  

See you in the Expo Hall.