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Grit and Mental Toughness

by Richard White II September 13, 2016

The YAK will take you or your student on many new adventures. During these adventures it’s important to maintain the proper mindset. A mindset that doesn’t doubt the successful outcome of your adventure. Having a tough mental attitude will ensure you get the most out of every adventure.

This mental attitude is not magic, it’s a muscle no different than any other. If you aren’t a hiker then tackling a 20 mile hike as a first hike probably isn’t a good idea. Try a 5 mile hike or a walk to the store and back. This will build you up both physically and mentally. Mental toughness and a survival mindset come when exercising those muscles doing tough activities.

On your first 5 mile hike everything is just fine for that first mile or 2. But around mile 2.3 on an intense trail, a doubting feeling might creep into the back of your thoughts as you become more uncomfortable. This is normal, those are muscles you haven’t been exercising, after mile 2.6 you realize there are more miles behind than ahead, and during that last mile you’re almost running to the end.

Later you tackle a longer more difficult trail, all the while, building your mental toughness your survival mindset. You finished the last hike, trip, mountain, river, surely you can finish this new adventure.

A big part of, first aid, or difficult situations is the attitude you bring. That attitude is built by progressively challenging experiences. With First-Aid the goal is to alleviate physical ailments and anxiety. This means remaining calm, being prepared, and analyzing your situation.

Your HMW Outdoors Youth Adventure Kit (YAK) will take you on many adventures and includes many items to keep you safe and secure. Even though the YAK includes everything needed, you need to, stay calm, know your kit, know how to use it, be ready to improvise as the situation requires and be prepared with mental toughness and a survival mindset.

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Richard White II
Richard White II


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