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Welcome Boy Scouts, Parents and Leaders

New Scout Parents have a lot of information being thrown their way.  It's like drinking from a firehose.  When are meetings, what does my scout need to wear, where do the patches go, what is when are campouts, on and on? One question that always comes up is what gear does my scout need.  As a parent to two Boy Scouts and 1 Girl Scout, Committee Chair for a Pack, Den Leader, High Adventure Program Leader, and an Owl. We have been responsible for helping many scouts get prepared for many years.  To address a parent's frustration, anxiety and the need for a convenient time-saving solution we created the Youth Adventure Kit (YAK). 

To solve the unique challenges faced by parents of new our advancing scouts, the YAK is your scout's customized bundle of Essential Outdoor Gear.

For leaders together we ensure every scout is prepared.

With the YAK,

  • You save time not going from store to store
  • You increase your confidence that when you send them out the will be prepared
  • You ensure piece of mind that they will be warm and toasty
  • You have piece of mind that they have just what they need

HMWOutdoors is an innovative outdoor gear and apparel company focused on equipping youth for meaningful experiences in the natural world that facilitate inner growth and environmental awareness.  

The YAKm ensures every scout has an opportunity to experience the outdoors without regard to income, creates an incredibly convenient solution for anxious parents confronted with a packing list, and creates a customized gear bundle for programs they can trust to ensure all participants are prepared.

The YAKm includes the below 3 Key Components, Basic Essentials, Sleep System, and Storage:

  • Basic Essentials: Because you never go out without these.The Essentials
    • Pocket folding blade
    • Ultra-bright 1 Watt LED Headlamp
    • 1000ml BPA Free Water Bottle
    • Waterproof Ripstop-nylon Emergency Poncho/Ground Cloth/Improvised Shelter
    • Ferrocerium Flint Stone Rod Fire Starter
    • Emergency Space Blanket
    • Compass with magnifying glass
    • First Aid Kit - Individual
    • Tri Decibel Whistle 
    • SPF30 Sunscreen

      • The Sleep System: Because everyone needs a toasty nights sleepSleep system
        • 25° F Synthetic Sleeping Bag and compression sack
        • Camp Pillow
        • Closed cell accordion Sleeping Pad with heat reflective coating
        • The York 70: Don't bring everything, but we can carry what you do bring

        York 70

          • 70L Backpack that grows with its owner
          • From 5th grade through High School
          • Torso adjust from 14" through 21"
          • Includes:
            • Hydration bladder pocket
            • Rain Cover
            • Secret Pocket
            • Dedicated Sleeping Bag Pocket with through access
            • Detachable top/Day Hike Lumbar Pack
            • Plenty of loops for carabiners 
            • External Sleeping pad tie down straps
        • Overnight Essentials
          • Mess kit (Plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon)
          • Travel size Toothbrush/paste
          • 2oz Campsuds BioDegradable Soap
          • 1oz Hand Sanitizer
          • Towel - Wash (S)
          • Towel - Bath (M)
          • Towel - Beach Towel (XL)
          • 2 - 5L Dry Bag
          • 2 - 15L Dry Bag
          • Camp Games (Checkers, Chess Backgammon)

            At this point please give us the gift of feedback.  What are your thoughts about the YAK and how it would fit into your unit? 

            Sure, it's a lot of gear, but every item is not necessary for every trip.  Think of the YAK as an outdoor adventure toolbox.  Only take the tools needed for the adventure ahead.

            Leaders, we want to be your go-to resource when it comes time to outfit your scouts.  But before we can be your go-to resource you should see, touch, feel and test your new gear.  We're happy to come to your meeting or send you a demonstration kit.  We're committed to supporting you, your scouts, your parents and your outdoor program.

            The YAK is based on research from the Handbook, several Boy Scouts of America packing list, our outdoor experience as Boy Scout leaders, my Wood Badge course (I used to be an Owl) and from outfitting our two Boy Scouts and 1 Girl Scout.  Based on all of this we developed the Youth Adventure Kit, to make outfitting that first time EASY, Convenient, and Cost effective. 

            At this point please give us the gift of feedback.  What are your thoughts about the YAK and how it would fit into your unit? 

            Did I mention we want to be your units CHIEF outdoor gear partner and resource?

              10 Reasons why HMWOutdoors should be your unit's official gear partner.

              1. You or your parents will save time and money with our convenient kit.
              2. Your leaders will know scouts are prepared
              4. We have OUTSTANDING service.
              5. We are a company run by Scout parents and an Owl.
              6. We can be a fundraiser for your unit
              7. We can customize this kit for your units needs and adventures
              8. You don't need to talk to a lot of people on our end to get a decision made
              9. We can send you a demonstration kit to evaluate and return
              10. We have a unit purchase program (by 10 YAKs get 1 Free)
              11. You will not find a comparable quality and priced kit anywhere PERIOD.
              12. As the founder, I will repair or replace any item in the YAK that gives you an issue, even if it mean replacing it with another brand.  Our Chief goal is to ensure your satisfaction with your gear and our service.


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              Thank you for your time and we are asking to be your Unit's partner. 


              Our Mission: By December 31st, 2027 we would have helped 10 Million youth make meaningful connections to the natural world that facilitate internal growth and environmental awareness.